Friday, February 1, 2008

Individual Popcorn Gifts

Individual Popcorn Gifts are the best gifts for all ages starting with an age group of four till 90 everybody loves them and the best part is that they are in vogue all the time as gifts especially the gourmet gift baskets.

Popcorn as we know it now is not quite the same as legends tell it, it seems that popcorn was thought to be by American Indian tribes as having spirits living inside each popcorn kernel and when their houses would become heated the spirits would become angry and that would lead to shaking of kernels and when the heat became too much to bear then the spirits would rush out of their homes and would vanish in thin air as puff steam.

What really made popcorn popular in the 1950s’ is that movie on the television would be the ideal way to munch on a snack which will not be messy and easy on your hands and you need not look away from the movie on the television .

Over the years though and especially now with all sorts of gift culture individual popcorn gifts and gourmet popcorn gifts have evolved as the best gifts for all age groups.

The various popcorn flavors that usually available for consumption are

Yellow Cheddar
Butter – yummy!
White Cheddar
Cashew Caramel
Kettle Corn
Almond pecan

And yes choose the flavor based on the choice and taste of the person you are giving the gift to.

The best way to give individual popcorn gifts to is to have a popcorn gift basket and you can either order it or create it. The munchy crunch popcorn which has special flavors is known as Gourmet popcorn and usually all the big manufacturers of popcorn will have sampler sizes of popcorn in a gourmet popcorn gift basket.

Now the Gourmet gift basket can be made for an individual gift basket since all the manufacturers of popcorn have individual sizes or you can go in for a tin of popcorn tailor-made for an individual or they can vene do it tailor made for corporates.

The gourmet individual popcorn tins come in various sizes such as the 2-gallon popcorn tin, 3-gallon gourmet popcorn tin or the 3.5 gallon popcorn tin. The other way to gift popcorn is to have individual popcorn gift as a six pack sampler or a 12 pack sampler.

The other thing to make sure when you go for the popcorn gift baskets is to have popcorn seasonings, popcorn salt, popcorn store gift cards, and samplers. These samplers are the best when you want an assortment of gifts.

The best item that goes with Individual popcorn gift is the individual popcorn bowls yes can be a great gift too for people to enjoy the popcorn in.